Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pointing to American immigration issues as the reason for record-high immigration numbers for his country.
Recent reports show that immigration to Canada reached record-high numbers in 2018, an issue that may become a problem due to the country’s intense citizenship process.
However, the prime minister has been outspoken about giving migrants a second chance and has been critical of the Trump administration.
Trudeau was recently asked whether he believes that criticism is what sparked the influx in immigration to Canada. He responded that the issue is more complicated than a simple tweet.
“No,” Trudeau said. “If people are in the midst of migration around the world right now, it’s not because of a tweet restating — almost word for word — Canadian policy on refugees, because that’s exactly what it was.”
He also pointed to U.S. politics, claiming that could have been part of the reason.
“And certainly, if people are fleeing the United States right now and are choosing to leave the United States right now, it’s not something I said,” Trudeau said. “It is perhaps domestic realities within the political context in the United States that is driving people to move or to make those certain decisions.”
While Trudeau is correct in saying that immigration is a complex issue, the turbulent American political climate is due to the battle between Republicans and Democrats for a strong border and a system that solves the illegal immigration issues — the same battle that may be coming to Canada.